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Gender, commuting, activity patterns (since 2017)

Project goals:

The project aims to clarify some of the key points from previous research through empirical studies of the relationship between gender and mobility and thereby opening opportunities for further theoretical development

  1. Systematic tests of hypotheses on gender structures of mobility (social roles, economic and other resources, labor market, preferences) contribute to the empirical clarification and at the same time to the theoretical development in the field of transport research
  2. Theory based empirical analyzes of the commuter behavior (travel distance, travel time, travel mode) and the activity patterns provide relevant contributions to international research for Germany. With regard to the activity patterns, the complexity in the form of trip chaining is measured by four measures such as entropy, diversity index, dissimilarity index and multitasking. In-home and out-of-home activities activities are considered simultaneously, but modeled separately
  3. The commuter behavior will be also considered in the context of the activity patterns. Hence, commuting and activity patterns are not two dependent variables in separate analysis.
  4. Interpersonal interactions of activity patterns and commuting in partnerships (e.g., long commutes of the partner combined with heavy burden on the partner through family work) are systematically developed and tested on a theory-driven basis



Methodologically, the project is based on descriptive statistics, multiple regression models and logit models (binary and multinomial logistic). The database is based on national wide reference date related Time Use Surveys in Germany.



German Research Foundation

Projectcode: SCHE 1692/5-1


3 Years

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Photo of Dr. Bhuvanachithra Chidambaram

Dr. Bhuvanachithra Chidambaram

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Prof. Dr. Joachim Scheiner
Associate Professor
Forschung - Lehre

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