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Mobility Biographies

Mobility Biographies and Mobility Socialisation

13 - 14th February 2014

The workshop on Mobility Biographies and Mobility Socialisation took place in February 2014 at the Faculty of Spatial Planning. It was affiliated to the 2nd Dortmund Conference on Spatial Planning Research (see website). The workshop was jointly organised by the Department of Transport Planning (TU Dortmund University), the working group for Mobility Research (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main) and the Institute for Transport Planning and Systems (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich).

Due to increasingly complex household and family structures, changing labour markets and the individualisation of lifestyles, mobility research has recently focused on mobility biographies. This approach analyses mobility behaviour (including daily travel behaviour and residential choices) in the context of key events (e.g. changes in workplace or a child’s birth) and life phases (e.g. adolescence, family phase). Apart from people’s own experiences during their life course the influence of the social surrounding is of interest in this context.

Twenty-five scientists from various disciplines such as spatial planning, geography, sociology and psychology presented and discussed their research methods and results during the workshop. The great interest in the workshop demonstrated that the mobility biography approach is a promising and challenging perspective in various disciplines. The contributions covered results on key events, life phases, daily travel behaviour, residential location choice, holiday travel, mobility in the spatial and family context and mobility of different social groups such as migrants, elderly people and highly qualified employees.

A book based on the presentations will be published in April 2015. Scheiner, Joachim / Holz-Rau, Christian (ed. 2015): Räumliche Mobilität und Lebenslauf. Studien zu Mobilitätsbiografien und Mobilitätssozialisation. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

We thank all participants for their contributions and the interesting and exciting discussions during the workshop!


Lisa Döring and Janna Albrecht


Photographs of the workshop

Additional link to an article by Kiron Chatterjee, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, about this workshop