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Module 3 - Transport Planning

Transport planning is part of any regional planning activity due to its importance for economic and social development. Experiences and theories reveal the significant impact of transport projects to agricultural production, income generation, and poverty alleviation, as long as decisions are based on a sound analysis of the situation. Transport planning and provision in most rural areas of developing countries is, however, characterised by the following problems:

  • inadequate tools for planning and, thus

  • the development of appropriate supply strategies and policies is not according to the actual demand;

  • inadequate domestic revenue mobilisation for transport infrastructures;

  • lack of clear organisation and management structures, and qualified staff.

Given these conditions the course will focus on

  • the role of transport in regional development;

  • the analysis of the different demand and available modes of transport in

  • developing countries, and

  • strategies and policy options for transport provision, including its serious financial implications.

Methods and tools for analysis and planning will be introduced, examples from different countries will be given, and exercises will be prepared by the participants in order to identify strategies for transport interventions within the SPRING regions.

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